I was contacted the afternoon of Jarod's visitation by a friend who was used as an intermediate contact, she lost her daughter Katie ( www.katieaylor.com ) August 27, 2002 in a tragic car accident. Katie's friend Brandi Cook also died. The conversation was vague, someone wanted to use a few of the pictures from the website for a picture to be brought to the funeral home, would I give my permission. I said yes. I don't remember anything else.

When we arrived that night a wonderful watercolor portrait of Jarod was waiting for us. We were so touched and it helped us so much. Nobody knew the true source, the funeral home said it was just dropped off, just like all of the flowers.

The day of Jarod's funeral, the funeral home delivered all of the flowers and Jarod's personal items which were at the visitations. Unfortunately they did not cover this portrait when they brought it from the curb to our front door, it was raining, the painting melted instantly. We were very upset. Fortunately someone had a phone number for the man who did it, his name was Carlos. We do not know Carlos but he was so touched by Jarod's story, he decided out of the goodness of his heart and his own pocketbook, compelled to create this wonderful work of art.

Talk about an angel, Carlos agreed to recreate the destroyed portrait for us. Carlos does this as a business and tribute for mainly for service people. Please visit his website at www.lionheartcreations.net . If you have any special pictures, I would recommend having Carlos create a work of art of your loved one.